375,000 Gallons of Fecal Spilled in Satellite Beach on 2 Feb 2018

Spill LocationAs reported on the Florida DEP Mandatory Reporting Website (Thank You Florida) on 2 Feb 2018:   (Link to Florida Reporting Website)

”  20″ ductile iron pipe had a corroded hole in the top that broke loose. Most likely a defect in pipe liner that allowed gases to corrode the iron. About 375,000 gallons was released to the ground and down storm drain that goes to nearby canal. Flow was isolated and stopped by 8:45am. Reverse notification was sent to residents directly affected on canal. Signs posted along S Patrick, canal and residential entrances. Vac trucks collecting what they can. Area will be washed down, limed and roped off. Sampling from canal will occur before removing signs. Repair in progress.”

Incident Information
Name of Incident: FL0040622 South Beaches / 1390 S Patrick Drive
State Watch Office Case Number: 2018760
Start of Incident: 02/02/2018 03:30

No follow up report has been submitted.

Florida Today also provided a significant report:  Florida Today, 2 Feb 2018

Later reports in Florida Today stated that bacteria had dropped to about 25% of Florida safe limit of 400 milligrams per liter.

According to the 5 December Brevard County Commission Board Meeting, a 3 mile line between two pump stations (lift stations) is being replaced, this new failure may be another literal leak in the dike that needs to be plugged.

I have heard that the oyster beds/gardens are fun and useful, but they will not overcome the consistent spillage that continues to occur.  oyster gardens


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