Earth Day is not a holiday, it’s an ACTION DAY.  I’m sure there will be many activities this earth day.  We can’t do everything, but we can do at least one thing. 

On April 1st, or even the week before or after:

Take those little plastic bags on a walk on the beach or in the neighborhood, fill them up and put them in the trash.  Choose your favorite street and adopt it.  Go all out: with a friend or two; start an Earth Day Collective, split up the streets you like – divide and conquer. Why not do three things together for that week:  clean a particular area that bugs YOU!

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Get your mask and gloves ready: yeah those.
  2. Find a few bags to collect the trash.
  3. Maybe – get a trash picker/grabber.
  4. Get a friend to go with you.
  5. Pick an area
  6. Be careful – avoid what looks unsafe:
    1. Fire Ants
    1. Glass
    1. Kick over nasty bottles/cans first to make sure it’s safe, before you attempt to pick them up.
    1. Don’t rub your face or nose.
  7. Wash afterwards!

In many languages there is the saying, ‘it’s an ill bird that fouls its own nest’.  Let’s build a little practice that is both selfish and selfless.  Love to All!

If you can – leave me a note of GREAT EARTH DAY WORK!

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