Lift Station Rebuild – Melbourne Florida

I watched the City of Melbourne replace lift station #21, at the corner of Pinapple Ave / Cliff Drive. The city (and their subcontractors) did a great, clean job.

Location of Pump Station 21
Here’s the before and after pictures from November and December 2019.


Any time there’s a dig for any reason (even for a few feet of cement) a pump and lines are used to ‘dewater’ the sand/soil – because the water table is just a few feet here. That way they don’t dig into mud and make a mess of the project.

When a lift station is replaced, they have to route the wastewater over/through a temporary line. I expect the tanks and backup power make the a spill during weather/lightning, high rain or malfunction a lot less likely. Also, any dig here in Brevard County likely has a ‘dewatering’ track, that pulls the water table down so the workers don’t dig in mud or muddy sand.

I know some money from the Lagoon Trust goes to projects like this, but I can’t track it yet. More on that later.

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