Since Teddy Roosevelt established the first National Wildlife Refuge (Pelican Island) in 1903, Florida population and water use has increased exponentially, from about 500,000 to over 20,000,000 inhabitants.  That Wildlife Refuge, Pelican Island is in the Indian River Lagoon, where now – one body of water where over 3,000,000 gallons of fecal wastewater is released per year – and sometimes more.  Since the mid 19th century, authorities agree that is not healthy, so doubly and triply treated water is the norm.  Weather extremes (a Florida norm) combined with population growth now make the water supply for human and animal inhabitants unsustainable: the water treatment throughput can’t sustain the current extremes, so releases of sewage have become the norm, and authorities agree that despite the best efforts, it’s going to happen until we collectively work out a better system.  For now monitor, invest, reduce use, and try harder.

My mission with this website is to help citizens and authorities sustain and improve the waters of the Indian River Lagoon and water supply in Brevard County (and all of Florida) through provocative information, facts and thoughts about sustainable practices.


We strive to inspire continued cleanup of Brevard County Indian River Lagoon through no-nonsense presentation of facts and features and motivations of our county citizens.

  • I believe everybody does what they do for a good reason. So it’s important to look to the history of actions, and know that balance of needs is important to sustain a society.
  • I believe that we have an obligation to each other to sustain life.

About Me:

I, the author (DM or “Davey”), am an accredited technical and project management professional.  I attribute my energy to love & hope shared.  I desire to pay it forward, as I have found that gets big things done that last.

  • Do the thing, have the power. (Me)
  • Work hard, do good, have fun. (Me)
  • I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree… (Trees, Joyce Kilmer)

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Clean Brevard Rivers-Waters-Beaches. When out, take a bag, take 5 minutes: pick up, fill a bag with trash and place in can for transfer to landfill not the ocean.  Web Search: “Ocean Plastic” LINK