Books on Brevard County History

I recommend reading the following book, for history of the Lagoon and the surrounding area.

<  Eriksen, John M. Brevard County: a History to 1955. Florida Historical Society Press, 1994.  >

It’s less than $3.00 on Kindle.

Also, take a look at the Blog by John Erikson.

This is from the Brevard County Government Webpage.  I haven’t ordered these yet (Accessed 15 Feb 2020)

Brevard County History

“Between 1996 and 2001, the Brevard County Historical Commission sponsored and published a three volume history of our county, widely considered the most thorough history of any Florida county.”

From <>

Finally, here’s also a REALLY OLD (1885)  book by Canova that is interesting, sad, true.  It’s basically a journal of an Army Soldier who patrolled central Florida.  I’ve just started reading it.  It’s also less than $3.00 on Kindle.

<  Canova, A. P., & Perkins, L. S. (1885). Life and adventures in south Florida. Palatka, FL: The Southern Sun Publishing House.  >


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