Clean Water: BeeMats at Wickham Park

Check out the retaining pond on the southeast corner of Wickham Park.

Sunset Wickham Park

This pond is a designed space and the design is sustainable.  It’s a clean wetland in an urban setting.  The design uses a local Brevard County product called ‘BeeMats’ managed, a product invented by folks from New Smyrna, FL – right on the Lagoon.

Dec 2019

BeeMats and their founders have projects in Melbourne, Merritt Ridge, Patrick AFB… about 10 listed here in Florida on their website; also Delaware and Virginia.

Before considering chemical treatments, check this sustainable product out that naturally removes nutrients from the water, using perennial plants like Basil and Chard to get the job done.

Also, the pond uses a solar powered water circulation.

Solar Powered Water Circulation

BeeMats, solar water circulation, and the fauna of the pond — awesome ideas for water care before flowing to the Lagoon!

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