Lift Station 101 — Wastewater Treatment – – YouTube Collex

Several YouTube Videos from other cities in the US are linked/attached below for your viewing pleasure.  These explain the need for lift stations, of which there are about 150 in Brevard.  Some are owned/operated by cities, some by Brevard.  (If you have a better reference, graphic, or documented explanation, please share.)

Notes:  Florida is unique in that the water table is very high (just a few feet below surface), and the temperature is high .  Also, power outages during hurricanes cause lift stations to go down.  These are not videos from Brevard, but give you the idea of the process.

Note the impact of butt wipes on the lift station and wastewater treatment.

Here are the Brevard County Utilities Recommended Measures.  Good Work Brevard!  This also prioritizes the work on lift stations that needs to be completed in the 2018/19 year time frame.  See that the amount of wastewater treated is expected to GO DOWN!

brevard county utilities performance measures


Reference:  Kingsport Waste Water Works  (11 minute YouTube Video)


REFERENCE: Concerning Reality, YouTube, posted 1 Dec 2017  (10 minutes)



Title:  Wastewater Treatment Plant, “Flush to Finish”  (~25 minutes)

REFERENCE: City of Grand Island

Notes:  I don’t think the treatment plants can be so deep in Brevard.


REFERENCE:  National Science Foundation, Published on Feb 9, 2017



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